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Let your emotions Be.
08/12/2008, 7:28 am
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Let them flow from inside of you.

Let every speck pop from your skin, fizzle from your tongue

and slide out of your tomato coloured lips.

Let them travel to another’s world, and be free,

let go.

Start over.

I don’t know exactly where I’m headed.  Every day, every mood swing, every impression, every goddamn influence.  Who to be?  A question that continues to sit at my shoulder and incessantly bite my neck in small snippets.  What to write?  But, in order to have an answer to that question, I need to know who I am, who I want to be.  I honestly don’t feel like doing much at the moment, just letting the wind carry me in whatever direction it wishes.  I suppose that is a philosophy in itself; to not do much, to let life be, to let yourself be taken. Sure, there is always a point in time where you stop and want to take control, rather, feel like you should take control, and, once again, fool yourself in believing you actually have so much control.  Eventually though, I myself return to this state, a state in which I don’t do much, completely contradictory of all my childhood dreams.  To be honest, as of late I simply feel like listening to people, that is all.  If you have something to say, a story to share, a humerous moment, an interesting quote/excerpt/novel/poem/prose, a love story, a broken heart, a definition of any word, If you’ve dyed your hair an unusual colour, or experienced an erotic moment, let me know.  I’d love to hear about it.


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A short book that just makes me ooze with romance and sensuality is “The Postman” by Antonio Skarmeta. It tells a fictional story about a young, unread guy who ends up being the postman for the reclusive Pablo Neruda. As if Neruda wasn’t sensual enough, the way that Skarmeta brings Neruda’s poetry to an unrefined protagonist in his young life of love and yearning is amazing… if you’re looking to read something that makes you FEEL something, this is a great book. There was an Italian movie about this novel, but it’s nowhere near as good as the book… Your wonderings of erotic moments piqued my interest. This book evoked so much in me, short of being “erotic literature” I’ve not been moved by anything as much as Skarmeta’s novel.

Comment by Jason

Never have I heard of that novella before, but god have I heard of, read and LOVED Pablo Neruda.
I will definitely, definitely check it out.
Thank you, sincerely, dearly :).

Love, Rose!

Comment by mymemorandums

I am petsitting a sickish old kitty right now. she is a sweetheart and has finally warmed up to me. I wanted ot say that I can relate to how you felt when you wrote this post. I feel the same sometimes. I would like to get to know you more. You seem interesting. Let’s talk philosophy or something. I don’t care. I want to connect with people.


Comment by kismetalley

I know how you feel when you say you don’t know where your headed. From the age of 5 to the age of 14 I was severly abused and beaten. I had always thought it was the way all familys were. If you had done soemthing wrong, or your parents were upset, you were there to beat on and make them feel better. When you get out in the real world and begin to see that…it isnt the way things are. it hots you deep. you no longer know the world you had known. Like your in another dimension where your an outcast.

When you’ve been deystoryed so many times you are finally given a choice at the end of the storm. People say soemtimes the after effects are worse tan te actual beating and they are right. It’s a metaphore I have rememberd my entire life..”THings can only get worse, or better after the’s your choice.”

I chose not to let what happen to me ruin mylife. I cose to not stand idly by and let the world pass me while I dwelled on what had happend in my childhood.

I guess the point of tis is (That is if you could read it all with my horrible spelling lol) Is that simply sucks. It’s just a matter of taking the one first step to life. even if you have to lie to yourself and say everything is alright..everything is forgotten evetually…

Comment by photographyiris

I’ve been thinking about romantic/erotic locations… are there certain places in the world that are like romantic vortexes with some inane power to enchant people, or is a place like Paris romantic because people say it’s romantic?

Comment by Jason

Sure we can do that Ae.

Photographyiris: I’m really proud of you for choosing to take a healthy and positive pathway. I’m really sorry you were beaten. Honestly, no body should have to endure that unnecessary, unfair, CRAP behaviour, from adults who should know better. You deserve better, really. I’m sorry you had to go through that.
How are you now?

Hey Jason!
I’ve never been to Paris. I’m sure that the hype is increased because of the romance reflected in movies or mainstream culture in terms of Paris, for as long as it has. Though, it could be just as romantic as shown. Personally, I think that Europe seems romantic. The countries in Europe seem to have a veil which surfaces the entire city, one that has a touch of a less modern life (thankfully).
The lights in Paris may also create a romantic atmosphere for a couple in love, and put them in a better mood, thus increasing their lust and passion for one another.
I think some places do have particular forces which bring out the eroticism and/or romance in a couple. With my boyfriend, nature plays its role in that. The romance is released when in the presence of nature, and shortly follows the lust, the uncontrollable desires. Some places probably turn your switch on more than others, depending on what you’re into maybe. Depending on what you see, which then significantly affects how you feel, such emotions may arise.

Comment by mymemorandums

I am VERY well. At 19 years old I am with the love of my life. Work a very good job, something I enjoy with good people. I have a great hobby. Really everything is going great.

The way I see it..I am glad what happend to me did. If not I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Comment by photographyiris

ALso..I made a post about this on my blog at

If your interested (:

Comment by photographyiris

thanks for your support… it means a lot to have someone recognize the small victories that keep me going!! i think too often these are just lost in the traffic of life when they really should be celebrated.

have you read the alchemist?? i think you may really like it.

Comment by rebelderojo

Not a problem!
I agree, I very much agree!

No, I haven’t read it.
I looked up the definition of the word the other day, and I thought to myself, “We’re all alchemists, or want to be”
I can see how it applies.
Clearly, it’s a really successful book.
I might pick it up these holidays.
Enjoy your day lovely,
Love Rose!

Comment by mymemorandums

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