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The Incessant and Destructive Workings of the Mind.
11/12/2008, 12:48 pm
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I live in a state of silent suffering, though a state which is not constant, which comes and goes as I want it to.  After a long time without peace, for any time without peace is too long, I have felt its presence.  Yet, like I wrote, it is a state which does not stay with me.  The confrontation of one’s very own thoughts out of one’s own will has never been easy, as said by those who are now long gone and have left behind their legacies through art, change, sympathy.  A human being is filled with contradictions.  I have no doubt in my mind that the majority of those who preach are forced to look their own hypocritical thoughts in the eye from time to time.  A book I am currently reading states that this is because one is not living in the moment, rather, is allowing their mind to use and control their being.

I read on somebody’s post that Khalil Gibran wrote ‘You speak because you are not at ease with your thoughts’.  It is for this very reason that I am writing.  After spending too much time looking for that quote online (unable to find it), I do not really know where else to go.  I hope for peace, and will try to embody it.  To take it a moment by a moment, that is all I know I can do.

Just to add.  The reason I have titled my post as ‘The Incessant and Destructive Workings of the Mind’ is a result of a realisation I have thankfully discovered very recently.  If you listen to your mind, to your thoughts, silently and truly listen, you will find the majority of its behaviour to be destructive to your spirit, to your self.  Also, we live in a time where everybody uses their mind so much so that their minds have begun using them.  It is not an easy habit to break free of, though if there were to be even a slight chance for inner peace, it is crucial for the self to partake in the gauntlet.  Once power has reached into the bones of a person or the tangled lines of a mind, I assure you, this power is a force that every dead fiber will try to hold on to.

Much love to everyone.



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I LOVE reading your writings. You’re such a deep and powerful writer it’s amazing.

Comment by photographyiris

Hello Rose, thank you for your comments on my blog, it is much appreciated and makes it worthwhile that someone read it and took the time to comment!

I shall be reading your one tonight!


Comment by wayinmotion

hii (:
just added your blog to my subscribe list (:
i hope you do the same with mine (:

xoxo jess

Comment by x3rockbitchx3

Thank you, I really appreciate that

I don’t know how to find you

Comment by mymemorandums

i enjoy your rambling writings (don’t take rambling in a negative way!)

especially love the quote: You speak because you are not at ease with your thoughts

you have interesting thoughts, and im sure your blog growth will reflect that with time!

take care,

Comment by douglaskev

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