My Memorandums.

Only the Night.
18/12/2008, 12:33 pm
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When will be the last of times Gregory will walk a straight line without a bare slant of ungrateful feet.  The blissful air of night-times will never return or visit his sensitive nose after his inept fingertips choose to sign the only light sheet of snow-white paper which naturally promise to spend their mortal life looking after the wellness of his heart after every other bleeding, burned heart has become tired of the pain concomitant and inseparable from the feelings brought on by monotonously continuous thoughts of love.  Some decisions only come to breathe with the absence of the maker, and the presence of the past.

One unforgettable and melancholic night, as Gregory’s ungrateful feet dribble against the dried up marks of water left on the standing side of sidewalks, his droopy brown eyes are taken by surprise at the accidental glance of the ruthless though loving ocean, the only spectacle which has ever let him feel at home, peacefully.  The loud absence of noise cannot nearly overpower the belligerently calm sense of air which dances through the lightness of the wind as waves crash down on the shore.  Drawn to its eternal power, Gregory is lead to a home long forgotten, yeat dearly missed.


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