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Going Vegetarian.
07/01/2009, 7:59 pm
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I decided to become a Vegetarian this year.  It’s my 7th day in, and I’m often receiving headcaches, and my fuse of patience is running short.  I think that this is definitely because I didn’t have a food plan BEFORE I started.  I’m getting all my information in now.  So, I’ve been eating nutella, melted cheese on bread, and pasta for the past seven days.  I’ve also definitely had a LOT of water, and more fruits than I used to.  I had some potato earlier, which is an important source of protein, and that definitely lifted my mood.

Anyway, I definitely want to see this thing through.  I’m not sure if I’ll eat eggs yet, I’ve got to do some research on those.  I’ll definitely be eating Dairy though.  I love my cheese! I’ll research cheese as well.  Well, it’s made out of milk.  This may sound stupid, but I never knew that. So, that’s okay by me.

I’ve thought about it for a while, for moral reasons.  I love animals, but I eat them, so the hypocrisy hits home hard.  Now, I think my main motivation is to keep my word to myself, about being a Vegetarian, for the year.  I’m also curious about the life of a vegetarian, how the thoughts and the body of a vegetarian change.  I’m sure once I get my headwrapped about this business, I’d be really grateful.  I could have delicious food AND help out the world, AND learn about health, AND become more healthy and more health conscious, AND I could prove to myself and show others that if I say I’m going to do something, I will do it.

If there are any Vegetarian’s out there, I would really appreciate support and/or help.

Thank you!

Rose :).


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Good luck! I’m not a vegetarian but my best friend is vegan. She eats a lot of roasted vegetables! I think the veggies are the most important thing for getting your vitamins in…

Comment by posteret

Good luck being vegetarian. 🙂
Lots of lentils and beans and all. Proteins are important.
Also, how did you not know that cheese was made out of milk?!

Comment by Firerocket

woman! happy new year. advice on being a vegetarian, you say? you have come to the right place. i’ve been one for 27 years (soon to be 28). would it help if i did a post on my blog about what kinds of foods i eat? (don’t want to clog up your comments section)

hope you are well!

Comment by rebelderojo

I don’t know how I didn’t know that, Firerocket! lol

Hey Rebeldejoro!

Comment by mymemorandums

enjoy! let me know if you have questions.

Comment by rebelderojo

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